Indigestion is a condition in which food is not completely digested by the body.

Flautulence is the excessive collection of gas particles which are formed in the small and large intestine due to the presence of large quantities of undigested food.

Overeating of Junk Food
Unhealthy Lifestyle - Alcohol & Smoking
Improper Eating Habits
Lack of Exercise
Sub-optimal functioning of Liver & Pancreas

It is important to treat the root cause of indigestion and flatulence with the help of digestive enzymes. Digestive Enzymes ensure complete digestion of ingested food and thereby prevents the unnecessary symptoms caused by partial digestion.

Digestive Enzymes are present in the Saliva, Stomach and also secreted into the small intestine by the Liver and Pancreas. They help and assist in breaking down food particles into easily digestable compounds suitable for absorption into the body.

Fungal Diastase - Contains the amylase-enzyme called Alpha Amylase, derived from microbial sources. It helps in the digestion of Carbohydrates and Starches.
Papain - Is a Protease enzyme derived from Papaya. It helps in the digestion of Proteins.
Fungal Lipase - Is a Lipase enzyme derived from microbial sources. It helps in the digestion of Fats and Lipids.
Simethicone - Is an Anti-flatulent which prevents accumulation of intestinal gas by coagulating the small gas bubbles into larger bubbles which are then expelled from the body.

Pepsol contains only Natural Source enzymes.
Pepsol is stable in the acidic environments of the stomach, whereas animal source enzymes get destroyed.
Natural source enzymes digest food in the natural way - by predigesting the food before the natural digestion process takes over.
Natural enzymes are better tolerated by young children and older adults.
Animal Source enzymes may have similar protein characteristics as humans and may therefore interfere with the natural functioning of pancreas in the long term.
Animal enzymes may contain infections, antibiotics, steroids, hormone traces, heavy metals and maybe mutated due to consumption of animal feed containing genetically modified food.

Bloating and Heaviness
Gas and Belching
Heartburn (Burning sensation in the throat & chest)
Abdominal Pain

For Digestive support, take 2 capsules twice daily, along with a meal
For Systemic support to maintain a healthy digestion at all times, take 1 capsule twice daily, along with a meal

There are no known side effects of Pepsol. Excessive intake could lead to loose stools.